About Us

Contemporary fashion meets exceptional eye-care, online and at our Spitalfields Optical boutique.

Online we focus on super-fast delivery and responsive customer service.

In-store we combine the unparalleled choice which comes with being an online retailer, with exceptional advice and eye-care.

Across both channels, we have a strong focus on technology, aiming to provide a unique customer journey. 



In 1979, John Harris and Pam Wilcock were paired as practical partners on Bradford University’s Optometry programme. This fateful meeting marked the origins of a new family and a new business, the histories of which have been happily interwoven ever since. In 1983, John and Pam opened Harris Opticians, two high-end optical practices near Liverpool.

In 2015, their children Adam and Jennie launched an online spin-off venture, OCO Glasses,  which entered the brick-and-mortar optical sector with the opening of the Spitalfields Optical Boutique in May 2016. OCO is truly a family company.



Beyond passion and family heritage, Jennie and Adam are also driven by diverse experiences.

Since following her parents’ footsteps through Bradford University’s Optometry programme, Jennie has developed expertise spanning the optometrics landscape, from the major UK optical chains to a high-end optical boutique in Sydney, Australia.

Since helping in Harris Opticians, Adam has taken a different path, starting at St. Martin’s College of Art and Design before earning a PhD in Mathematics from Oxford University.



OCO’s ethos combines these threads.

Under Jennie’s guidance, long-cultivated family knowledge ensures OCO operates at the cutting-edge of frame design, lens quality, eye-test technology, brand leadership and industry evolution.

To foreground this quality, Adam has applied his design and systems expertise to creating a seamless, transparent, digital user experience across multiple channels.

Perhaps most importantly, Jennie and Adam understand that eyewear is a part of lifestyle. The atmosphere in OCO’s Spitalfields boutique is always relaxed, friendly and contemporary, without sacrificing on expertise.

It’s a redefinition of the optical industry.